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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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even so, trail users are stepping up efforts, to everyone, to say thanks. >> alexandria hoff reports. >> reporter: the schuylkill river trail was name the best urban trail in america by readers choice, for obvious reasons. >> this is quiet, relaxing. >> reporter: last month two cases of indecent exposure muddy the trail. >> we come out an nice day like today. >> reporter: just yesterday, a 24 year-old woman was slashed, and then in broad daylight. >> very strange. >> yes. >> it happened, yes. >> reporter: police say victim was walking on the trail with the friend when they noticed that someone, and that woman, rounded stairwell towel walnut street, that is when police say suspect, and, said quote, and, and. >> and, and,. launch of the schuylkill
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river trail watch patrol group will be push,. >> and they told us that they are unwilling to live in fear. and, and, headphones, and, keep your head up, trust your gut, run with the buddy and your phone, avoid dimly lit areas, and always call 911. >> i noticed that a bigger police presence. >> when again i will shy away from this area, and, you know, our surrounding. >> reporter: reporting from schuylkill river park, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to our top story an exotic dancer told police that a philadelphia, and,. >> and, special victims unit, in hunting park with the very latest on this developing story, greg. >> reporter: natasha and ukee, and, this is the union, investigating, police say, and, and, alleged, rape, sources tell cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news", nelson agholor and one other eagles player were at that gentlemen's club and then, agholor is the only person being investigated. >> we're currently investigating an allegation of sexual assault, involving, a 27 year-old female complaintant that works at cheerleaders gentlemen's club. >> reporter: philadelphia police lieutenant john stanford says alleged sexual assault, and, inside that south philadelphia club, and, thursday afternoon. >> our special victims unit is actively investigating that incident or that report of that allege incident. >> reporter: philadelphia police are not naming a specific person of interest. >> it is involving a member of the eagles organization, whether that is a player, someone from any other, you know, part of the, that organization and player included are part of that organization. >> reporter: eagles organization released a statement, indicating wye receivedder nelson agholor as person at the center of the investigation. we are aware of the police investigation involving nelson
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agholor, organization has been in contact with nelson and with the proper authorities, in philadelphia. >> he scores. >> reporter: now the 23 year-old 2015, first round draft pick by the eagles, the center of this alleged sex assault investigation. >> i don't know if there is any video, i'm told there are surveillance cameras at the location, but whether or not they record any, any particular part of the not the necessarily the incident itself but anything in terms of the anyone attendance at that facility, that remains to be seen prior to our investigators. >> agholor has retained philadelphia attorney fortune perry, junior. i reached out to him this afternoon and he gave me this statement, nelson has not been involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever. we will have much more on this developing story, coming up tonight at 6:00. for now we are live here at special victims unit in juniata i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. turning now to our weather, tonight, a weekend certainly getting off to a
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great start but could turn stormy. meteorologist kate bilo live on the cbs-3 sky deck to tell us more about when storms will arrive, kate. >> reporter: thanks, in a cash a i don't know if you can hear but they are having a party at child care center near our building on 16th street. dj spinning tunes, he is spinning a kid bob version of these kid which i'm more familiar with then the actual songs themselves. it is a great night to be outside whether you are listening to music, cooking out, walking around the city, low humidity, lots of sunshine, perfect kay but we do have some changes on the way. lets take a look what is going on. we will go outside, to storm scan completely clear, things are fantastic, it feels great outside, and then to be outside on a june evening and not feel any humidity is, amazing. note thinks working its way through great lakes we have severe then are storm and tornado watches with that line of storms right now, that is heading our way tomorrow. in the meantime 77 degrees in philadelphia. seventy-eight in wilmington. and 57 degrees in reading and
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down the shore feeling good as well, 78 in ocean city, 73 stone harbor and ocean water temperature up to 60. coming up we will tell but an increase in heat and humidity tomorrow, we will time out those storms for different regions and tell what you to expect for remainder as well. for now back inside to you. >> thank you. happening right now final farewell to boxing legend muhammad ali. >> is a 15th thousand guests are attending a public memorial, thinks a live picture here from louisville, kentucky, celebrities world leaders and fans alike are all remembering, the greatest. earlier many line the streets of louisville as car carrying ali's body made the journey to the memorial service. he threw flowers at the hearst and some people reached out to touch it. >> sports director don bell joins us with more on today's final farewell. i watched some have of that. amazing. >> unlike anything we have seen in a long time. pretty incredible. the right now at the memorial service many are paying tribute to muhammad ali, an
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icon to left his mark far beyond the boxing ring. otis livingston from w cbs tv in new york is live in louisville with more on the farewell, to the greatest. otis. >> reporter: hi there, don. louisville's favorite son was lining the streets at the age of nine, shadow boxing, training saying he would become the greatest boxer of all time. when clay did that, but today muhammad ali, made his time trip through the city that he loved and that was followed by that moving memorandum qualification. following a private grave side service, memorial service was held inside the young center in downtown louisville. ali helped plan the ceremony so no surprise that people of all races and creed were represented. it was jammed packed with celebrities, politicians including former president bill clinton and comedian billy crystal. >> of all of the word and in all of the ways, the most powerful moment have always been made in the voices of
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young people, repeated in prayer services, and chanted in the streets, i am ali. >> when we say that in our hearts, when we live that in our lives, then we together can build a legacy worthy of the greatest of all time. so say that now with me, in your hearts, and in this room, i am ali. >> ali, ali. >> emotional day began with the the funeral procession, 16 limousines winding through streets of louisville that ali loved this nine year-old and her father came from los angeles, kid had an important link to the champ. >> muhammad ali and what he stood for, the love, and i have always said in my lifetime if i ever have a son would i name him ali because he has always been good to us, the most sacred person in the whole wide world. >> i love to be here because muhammad ali was a great
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boxer, a great citizen and a great man. i hope i live up to that when i get older. >> ali. >> reporter: thousands of supporters stretched out over 19-mile route. some copying their hero long side car with the three time heavyweight champion inside. a grand showing outside his childhood home, 3302 grand avenue trying to get one final glimpse of the champ before he goes to his final resting place. >> muhammad ali's dream has in the died. >> he was true to himself and people respected that, and him. i stood up for his beliefs. >> reporter: craig fish are says there were a hundred thousand people along the route. one person at the location that i was said that ali would have loved seeing all those colors and creeds together, celebrating, he said he would have a big smile on his face. i don't know about you but i can picture that big beautiful muhammad ali smile right now. >> pretty as he would say, so many beautiful imageness that
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piece. you have been in louisville a couple taste now what stand out the most to you. >> reporter: when you hear story of muhammad ali, it seems like a fairy tail. i never got a chance to meet him. but when it comes to louisville i went to the second street bridge where he threw his gold medal from the 1960 over in the ohio river that made it real. i went to his childhood home that made it real, i saw that hearst this morning and, you know, it was quite emotional very real to see that, muhammad ali, he was real and he was larger than life, and now he is laid to rest. >> otis we heard about the son, and the father that child from los angeles to be in los angeles, so many people traveled across the world to be there. what is the most impressive story you have heard from so far. >> reporter: turf say they have all been impressive because it is all about muhammad ali, the love, the peace, the way that he changed so many peoples views from the guy who didn't wanting to to
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vietnam toward the end when he was stricken with parkinson's syndrome. they loved him. he became beloved. one of the greatest mouths in the history of the world was silenced and everyone loved him. i'll tell what you i loved him too. i named my second son marcellus. i loved the way it sounded and i love the man. >> otis livingston from w cbs tv in new york. thanks for your time from louisville. >> all right. >> another major sports story to day, hockey fans are mourning the death of mr. hockey, gordie howe, he hold nhl record for games played and seasons in the league, his 801 goals ranked second to wayne gretzky. he played on four stanley cup winners for the detroit red wings and did not the retire until he was 52 years old. his son mark played for the flyers, gordie howe was 88 years old. >> i remember covering the flyers when mark was theretained about his dad all the time, god bless him.
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>> thanks so much, don. >> good stuff. meantime gunfire, sent passengers scrambling for cover at love fields airport in will dallas. shooting happened outside of a baggage claim area police say a man involve in the domestic dispute with the woman tried to attack an officer with a rock. the officer fired at the suspect wounding him, commotion caused panic inside the airport as people rushed through security, checkpoints to get out of harms way. right now tsa officials are working hard to rescreen all of those passengers which is causing some delays. fire tore through a house in east oak lane this morning, fire broke out around 10:40, chopper three was over the fire as it engulfed the house in the 100 block of east cheltenham avenue, that fire appeared to be coming from the basement area we're told. there were no injuries and no cause has been determined as of yet. a crumbling overpass creates a friday afternoon traffic headache, in gloucester city, camden county, authorities shut down clean avenue and closed the lane of i-76 after concrete
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chunks fell from the overpass. chopper three saw work crews fixing a large gap in the road as rush hour approached. and right now we are looking live at traffic live via chopper three over i-76 in gloucester county. police say overpass has been deteriorating for quite sometime, and traffic, moving rather well right now, and this isn't the first time concrete has fallen from the overpass. keep you updated on that. more and more people are calling for an ambulance, when they really don't need one. >> well, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" what is being done about active ambulance abuse and why there are concerns that it could cost lives, cleve? a place to get away from it all, coming up a local ministry's vision to provide housing, for veterans. and it is first statue in city hall dedicated to a solo african-american, who is this hero and why is he being hono
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a new statue at city hall will honor one of the philadelphia's oldest civil rights leaders, it will be part of the memorial to octavus cato. mayor kenney unveiled tit day. cato desegregated philadelphia's trolley system in the 1860's. he was killed exercising his newly own right to vote in 1871. a goal of the memorial is to tell, his story. well, veterans returning from home, home from the war zone will tell you returning to every day life is not an easy task. local group is working to provide a retreat-like set to go help them recover. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us the group needs your help, to make the project a reality. >> reporter: spending time with his service dog sues and then enjoying nature two ways air force veteran and former police officer donnie davis find peace in the struggle with ptsd. >> unseen scar and nobody recognizes and it goes to your head and it is hard.
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>> reporter: he is going full circle to his roots, christianity and franklinville, new jersey. the he pastors a local church and leads amazing grace ministries, just bought a 267-acre plot of land in franklinville where they plan to house veterans. >> one thing to say have a good day, but there is too much money in gloucester count that i they need a place to stay that are home less. >> reporter: former village stop camp ground has been untouched and could provide a peaceful setting for vets that they need especially for those with combat experience to get their lives back together where they will stay are micro houses similar to this cabin. >> it is 300 square foot house, it supplies basics, living room, bedroom, so on. >> reporter: they are hopeful by end of 2018 they will build 60 of these houses and provide veterans with a praise to stay for up to 24 months. >> when you recognize and realize that 22 vets a day take their lives because of struggle with ptsd, we have to do this. >> reporter: property is always an amazing grace possession for about a week but several government
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agencies are already lining up resources. they are looking for volunteers and donations to get things going. in franklinville, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> kate joins us with our forecast and what a day to day is. >> perfect, perfect. >> i saw a tweet this morning you wanted to bottle it. >> if we could about on the this will day and open a little bit out at a time in february, a little bit out in march. >> yes. >> just a little bit to get up through winter it would be amazing. today is june perfection.e you cannot get better then this. temperatures in the 70's. the there was a gusty breeze but that cooled you off sitting outside in the sun, it guess hot, breeze comes through, cools you down. dew points are in insanely low, it feels like a september day outside, but it would be amaze to go see how quickly it will moisten back up this weekend. lets look at what is going on down the shore where everybody is enjoying, just a gorgeous, beach day, a little breezy but that is not keeping anybody off the san, sky cam three in
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ocean city shows people not moving off the beach at 5:00 they are in it for duration through those long, evening hours, and the best time down the shore, take a look at margate as well you can see a lot of folks outside just soaking up this day maybe for some folks it is end of their week down the shore and what a nice week you pick if this was your week. storm scan three shows our next weather maker though and it is right here this line of storms moving through portions of the the great lakes, there are several, watches and warnings associated with this line of storms, and it is all part of the system that will be dominating our entire weather pattern this weekend. warm front is what brings the storms tomorrow but cold front on sunday is what will bring, windy conditions and a drop in humidity again. right now temperatures are in the 07's. take a look the a the dew point right now in philadelphia, 34 degrees, dew point, and that is unheard of, almost for this time of the year. we will start our scale in the summertime at 50. fifty would be awesome, 34 is amazing, but take a look what is happening overnight. the it will start moistening up by the time you wake up tomorrow morning dew points back in the mid 50's, by
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midday tomorrow when storms approach dew points back in the upper 60's to near 70 and dew points late saturday night before that front comes through in the 70's, and then humidity starts to drop gannon sunday. timing of the storms, tomorrow morning we will start out with sunshine at 8:00 a.m. batch of light showers and cloud coming through in the morning, we will clear it out for couple hours and watch these scattered but locally severe storms, saturday afternoon, mainly from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., from northwest to south east, we are in a slight risk for severe weather on a sat the day. again watch for those morning showers, and afternoon strong storms, 2:00 p.m. lehigh valley and poconos around 4:00 y 6:00 p.m. down the shore gusty wind and downpours, those will be your biggest threat with these storms. so it is hot, humid for our sat the day at 88 degrees. it is not a total wash out. we will see some sun in the early morning, and then midday, and storms coming through very quickly so if you are outside make sure you have an alternate indoor location, as the storm comes through then you can move back outside throughout the evening.
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windy and less humid on sunday and still breezy monday but nice with lower humidity and highs back in the lower 80's. >> make it a big bottle. >> sound good. >> thanks, kate. well, okay, jay and liz scott were honored today at chop during that are alex lemonade stand event. they accepted the pitcher of hope award for their work raising millions of dollar for pediatric cancer research. chop hosted 29 stand all throughout their care network. >> let's keep it going. >> cbs-3 was honored to host a record breaking day in our tenth annual tell-a-thon. we had so many volunteers coming in all throughout the day, heroes, and their families, as well. all honoring memory of alex scott, the little girl who started it all. the grand total blew up, a big, big thank you to our partners, sponsors and you, the viewers, as well, you raised $4,986,068 to be exact, ukee. >> that is fantastic. >> i had to look at the that
5:22 pm
number again. i didn't know how to say it. >> thanks, to you all. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" why so many children are getting skin cancer these days and it is not only due to sun exposure. i will take you behind the scenes of the latest spy/magic thrill tore hit the big screen, now you see me too, the sequel has a new knew tricks in store you might say we will talk to the actors tricks in store you might say we will talk to the actors when we come at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.
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welcome back i'm don bell with your sports. baseball tonight in d.c. phillies visiting nationals, fightins lost ten out of 13 tonight, tonight they face nine-zero riding steven strasburg and meanwhile nlb draft got underway last night. >> indians select noland joseph... >> ahh, viewing party, in langhorne for a holy ghost prep star noland jones, taken in the second round, 55th overall by cleveland indians, power hitting short stop is
5:26 pm
just 18 years old but he is 6-foot four, 220-pound. chicago white socks have designated jimmy rollins for assignment, former philly batting .221, and j roll is 37 years old. we remember him as three time all-star, and, the 2007, nl, mvp. team u.s.a. plays par quay in the final group stage match of the copa america. they will go through to the knock out round with the win and draw. should get the job donnas well. opening round of nascar xfinity series practice at michigan i it was in 15 minutes. by a groundhog. that little homey you cannot catch him. you put him in the bucket, he got out. he is still going. >> what is that guy going to do with that shovel. >> groundhog. >> oh, my. >> they tried to corner him. >> in luck. >> wait a minute, wait a
5:27 pm
minute. >> no, no. >> they got their gloves on him. >> yes. >> that is unreal. >> yes. >> the groundhog was not hurt. >> the roadless traveled. i hear you. >> that was good. >> don bell, ladies and gentlemen. >> all good. >> as we continue tonight a local brewery branches out. coming up, delco lagger is now for sale and some area establishments, we will show you how this brew is now, going metal. also new concerns and people are calling 911 for medical help when it is not an emergency, why this so-called ambulance abuse could cost lives. and new at 6:00 o'clock tonight speaking out philadelphia delivery man that was kidnaped, shot, and left for dead, talked to "eyewitness news" about his amazing
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well, it could be
5:31 pm
difference between life and death, newly launched campaign by the philadelphia fire department, seeks to educate the public on the dangers of the ambulance misuse. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30. good evening i'm natasha brown. >> i'm ukee washington. steve from our sister station cbs-3 "eyewitness news" explains what fire officials want to you know before you dial 911. >> reporter: series of billboard across town like this one on aramingo avenue in fishtown drive home the point about how medically unnecessary ambulance transports, put a strain on the e ms system designed for true emergencies. >> now some of the things you see like i have a tooth ache or i need to get some medicine or something like that. >> reporter: fire commissioner adam thiel say they need to focus on life threatening issues. >> every time we send a paramedic unit or fire engine or another resource to a non-emergency call it is not available for something where we need to give somebody help right away. >> reporter: philadelphia fire department medic units respond to 700 calls for services every day for medical
5:32 pm
emergencies. convenience or emergency. ambulance misuse may cost lives. deputy commissioner jeremiah last ter urgees people to make the right call. >> we want people to call 911 for these pain, shortness of breast, asthma attacks, somebody having a stroke or traumatic injury. >> reporter: department is emphasizing it is not a taxi service. he says, if you have a non-urgent issue have a non-911 transport unit emergency room won't put you in the front of the line. of the 270,000 response necessary 2015, 14 percent of the e ms transports to a hospital were deemed not medically necessary. steve towa for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". vice-president joe biden writes a powerful, open letter to the victim in the stan forward rape case. he wanted to show his support for her after her attacker brook turner was sentenced to just six months in jail. sentence sparked outrage and petition drive to remove the judge from the bench.
5:33 pm
the vice-president wrote quote i'm filled with furious anger, both that this happened to you and that our culture is still so broken that you are ever put in the position of defending your own worth. he also called the victim's bravery, breathtaking. well, final primary election meantime will be held next tuesday in washington d.c. and that is where the presumptive presidential nominees on both side spent the day campaigning. bernie sanders, however, returned home to vermont to plot his next steps. correspondent weijia jiang reports now from washington. >> reporter: presumptive presidential candidates campaigned in washington d.c. on friday. >> it has been a big week and there is no where i would rather end it then right here with the planned parenthood action fund. >> reporter: both addressed their bases, clinton at a planned parenthood lunch and donald trump at safe and freedom conference less than a mile away. >> we have done very well with the evangelicals and with religion generally speaking.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: trump is concentrating on the general election and attacking clinton for weeks but she just clinched the democratic nomination on tuesday, this was her first public appearance since. >> do we want to put our health, our lives, our future in donald trump he's hand. >> reporter: bernie sanders has yet to drop out of the race but he has promised to work with clinton to get trump. they are trying to unite the party. on friday elizabeth warren visited clinton's home, warren is known as a progressive stapel and within of the trump's toughest critics. >> he has even condemned federal judges who are muslim on the disgusting theory trumps own bigotry compromises the judges's neutrality. >> reporter: in trump's latest tweet he posted a 2004 video showing her criticizing clinton. >> trump will hold a rally in richmond virginia, friday night. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:35 pm
president obama saw his first daughter mallia graduate from high school. the 17 year-old graduated from sidewell friend in north west d.c. after the ceremonies they went to lunch. there was no media coverage of the graduation. earlier the president predicted he would be sitting there, with dark glasses, crying. mallia will take a gap year before enrolling at harvard in the fall of 2017. well, it is the beer that launched a local brewery. >> for the first time this weekend fans of the delco lagger will be able to get it, in a can. photo journalist adam fox was there as the cans started to roll off the assembly line. >> today, delco lagger. >> anybody that knows delco, we're a proud group of people, we're our own breed. >> they then come down on the vibration board which brings them state through in a choice spray. this batch of delco lagger was
5:36 pm
brought 28 days ago. it is a 90-barrel batch which makes it 2700 gallons, and it is pretty awesome based on the first canning run and it has gone real smooth, and real cool. >> unaudible. >> tough as nails. we don't take anything from anybody. so to have delco lagger have our name on it, item bodies what we are, bold, flavorful but it is something that you can hang out with. >> growing up in delco was a mystique that we wear proudly. >> 24,000 cans, 1,000 cases, and we already sent some halfway across the country, we will go into delco, chester. >> i'm here to get some cans all the way from wilmington delaware. delco beer, it is a we are thing and new we have our own beer, a good friday. >> a good friday. >> indeed, nicely done my man
5:37 pm
you can get delco lagger at several locationness aston, media and swarthmore in time for the weekend. >> philadelphia's fifth police district hosted pizza party today, to conn combat the you'll them on a job well done. "eyewitness news" at immaculata heart mary school in the northeast today. officers served the pizza and they are promoting these student to the second grade. congratulations. >> they were having a good time. good for them. nice moment indeed. i know, we always think they can see us. >> now they can. septa riders will be able to get rid of the tokens and paper tickets. >> a new system was launched and coming up we will show you how it works and when you can start using it. an alarming increase in cases of pediatric skin cancer, why sun exposure is a major cause, many other factors also play a role, what all parents need to know. kate? well to day was a
5:38 pm
quiessentially perfect june friday, but as we head in the weekend just a couple things to worry about including the threat for strong thunderstorms and very gusty wind, i'll break it all down and time it out when we come right back.
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we have new details about next week's grand reopening of the revel resort in atlantic city. owner glenn straub says 900 hotel rooms will be opened on june 15th. they will be occupied mostly by guests of a company he is hiring to operate the casino, and he hopes to have the casino popped by late august. straub bought the 2.4 billion dollars resort in bankruptcy court last year for 82 million-dollar. well, septa riders are getting an opportunity to try out future of transit payment, new reloadable septa key card are available starting on monday, up to 10,000 customers will get a chance to get one at no charge. they have to purchase a weekly or monthly transpass. septa riders have long waited for the opportunity to use their reloadable card like other cities already have in place. this has taken us a while to get here, but these
5:43 pm
projects are very complicated and time consuming where ever they have been done in our country. >> the card will be reloadable with cash, credit cards, even tokens and customers will be able to reload them on line or over the phone. coming up next, this photo is pretty cute just like it is but wait until you see funny versions making the round on social media. we will be right
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
it is a bird, plane but no, a toddler having fun with a pool floaty on his head. photo has gone viral and he is, a super hero on line, photo has already received the royal photo shop treatment on line, as well. the picture has been edited on to everything, from, what et to a turtle, everything else. >> gladiator there. >> yes. >> that is pretty cool. >> yes. >> there you go. >> yes. >> my favorite too. >> so cute. >> my absolute favorite kind
5:47 pm
of day, today. >> today is i think top ten day of the year. >> no question. >> top five. >> top five. >> let's do it. >> i mean just beautiful. it was breezy but not as windy as yesterday, temperatures, in the 70's, very low humidity, sunshine throughout the day that deep blue summer sky, it was perfection today, still nice out there right now but changes are coming. the lets take a look outside and take you outside to the city where a few clouds drifted in this evening. the great night for walking, sitting outside, maybe dining outside, whether you are in your backyard, grilling burgers or one of our wonderful spots in the philadelphia, great night down the shore as well, everything looking good today, if only we could keep this around just like this for the entire weekend but we have some changes to tell but. lets first check with the eyewitness weather watchers this friday evening and they are reporting temperatures in the 70's. we will see that map there 81 degrees, nice and warm at eileen murray's house, with some haze, cloud out there
5:48 pm
right now. seventy-six at noel henson's house with sunshine there, happy friday and to you as well, noel, lets see photo that she sent in. charlie loves the weather, soaking up this beautiful weather. i would be too. i was looking at fire pit and couch there, i am going over to know he will's house to hang out this weekend on the path yes if you will have me. seventy-eight in democrat wear. we will check in with jason in middletown. jason says another beautiful day. that it has been. and then we will head up into central new jersey, chesterfield with ed connor, looking at sunshine, package this day it is a ten, ten it is inn teed and this sums up the day, which ispy cloud, blue sky, just sheer perfection. here comes some storms. lets take a peak, storm scan three clear in our region does show our next system moving from the west and it will get here through the day tomorrow. we could see strong thunderstorms across the peninsula of michigan right back into wisconsin. we have a few severe
5:49 pm
thunderstorm watches, tornado watches as well with this line of storms moving east and it is starting to weaken. temperatures in the upper 70's, feeling comfortable, 67 mount pocono. seventy-three in wildwood. but as we head through the day tomorrow it will get hotter. temperatures near 90 degrees for your saturday. we will see an area of showers, possibly some cloud in the morning, temperatures in the upper 80's and then those thunderstorms fast and furious not every where. they will be isolate budd coming through mid to late afternoon hours. cold front associated with that same storm. so this is the story of our weekend this system drives in the heat and humidity tomorrow. warm front brings showers and storms. cold front on sunday comes threw but will pick up gusty wind and it will be humid early sunday morning and humidity cut in half by afternoon and monday much lower humidity, mostly sunny really nice day. lets time out saturday between 9:00 and 11:00, just some light showers, mostly seeing some cloud. question is how much sun do we
5:50 pm
get between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. when atmosphere will tea stabilize. if it stays cloudy threat for severe weather diminishes. if we get sun, hot and humid, we will destabilize the atmosphere, storms will push northwest to south east between two and 6:00. gradual clearing but still very warm. down the shore those thunderstorms mainly between five and 6:00 o'clock, after 4:00 is when would i watch the sky. sunday and monday breezy and starting to turn cooler. overnight the mainly clear down to 60 degrees. partly sunny and hot with those the scattered storms, mainly late in the day, and then we have have a great stretch into next week with temperatures in the lower 80's every day and mostly sunny conditions especially next wednesday through friday. natasha, now back to you. >> thank you so much. pediatric melanomas on the ricin creasing 2 percent a year and while sun exposure is still considered the number one cause, there is growing evidence, that other factors, also play a role. maryann banister lost her daughter claire to melanoma at
5:51 pm
the age of 17. >> she should have just finish her freshman year of college and she's not. >> reporter: claire had a mold on her ankle which developed into melanoma when she was 14. most cases are from sun exposure but doctors were reporting seeing more cases that are not sun related. >> some of these defects are clearly inherited. >> reporter: dermatology pathologist nicki bravo says researchers are finding links between melanoma and puberty. >> children are growing, their moles are growing, it is certainly possible that environment, play ace role. >> reporter: early detection can be difficult, wait times to see doctors continue to increase, nationwide, and so maryann started the claire marie foundation to raise a wearness and sponsor immediate screening for children. >> with every kid, that has an a typical moles taken off before it becomes the disease, that is one child that my daughter has saved. >> reporter: she says no child should wait months to get into see a doctor like her daughter
5:52 pm
did. >> good report. good report. bill clinton is now giving eulogy at muhammad ali's funeral. let's listen in. >> i thank you and the members of the family for telling me that he actually as bryant said picked the people to speak and given me a chance to come here. i thank you for what you did to make the second half of his life greater then the just before muhammad ali center and what it has come to represent to so many people. here's what i'd like to say. i spend a lot of time now as i get older and a older and older trying to figure out what makes people tic, how do
5:53 pm
they turnout the way that they are and how do some people refuse to become victims and rise from every tea feet. we have all seen the beautiful pictures of the muhammad ali as a boy and people
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
wonderful thing that have have been said here, i don't remember thinking when i was a kid, that this guy is so smart, and, he never got credit for being as smart as he was. and then, i don't think he ever got the credit for being until later, as wise as he was. in the end besides being a lot of fun to be around and basically a universal solder for our common humanity, i will always think of muhammad ali as a truly truly freeman of faith. being a man of faith, he
5:56 pm
realized he would never be in full control of his life. something like parkinson's could come along. but being free, he realized that life still was open to choices. the choices that muhammad ali made that have brought us all here today and in honor and in love. the only other thing i would like to say, i think we all really, really need to think about, as the first part of his life was done by the triumph of his truly unique gifts. we should never forget them. we should never stop looking at the movies. we should thank will smith for making his movie, we should
5:57 pm
all be thrilled. but the second part of his life was more important because he refused to be imprisoned by a disease that kept him hamstrung longer than nelson mandela was kept in prison in south africa. the second half of his life, he perfected gifts that we all handled, every single solitary one of us has gifts of mind and heart. it showed that he found a way to release them in ways large and small. i asked lonnie if she can remember when they were still living in michigan and i gave a speech in southwest michigan
5:58 pm
at the economic club there and sort of the ritual when a president leaves office, you have to get reacclimated, nobody plays a song when you walk in the room anymore, you know really necessity what you are supposed to do, and then this club, it is called the economic club, they are used to acting like you are observed and you have to get reacclimated. they sat with me at this dinner. and somehow he knew that i was a little off my feet that night. i was trying to imagine how to make this new life. so he told me, a really bad joke. he told it so well, and he laughed so hard, that i totally got over it, and had a
5:59 pm
great time. he had that feel about, you know, there is no textbook for that, you know, somebody else is in your head. picking up the body language. then lonnie and muhammad ali had me come here when we had dedication to the the muhammad ali center and i was trying to be incredibly old, gray haired, older states man, dignified, i have to elevate this guy so i'm saying all this stuff and very high tones, language and muhammad ali picks up my hand and he put his fingers up. finally after all of the years we have been friends, my enduring image of him is like a little real in three shot, the boxer i fell to as a boy,
6:00 pm
the manny watched take the last steps to light the olympic flame when i was president, and i'll never forget it, i was sitting there in atlanta, by then i felt that i had some sense of what he was living with and i was still weeping like a baby seeing his handshake and his legs shake and knowing by god he was going to make those last few steps no matter what it took the flame would be lit, the fight would be lit and i knew it would happen. >> such a memorable moment in 1996, in atlanta.


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